Cause of overeating

Cause of Overeating or emotional eating is an extremely common problem. That a lot of folks have faced at some point in their relationship with food. We overeat for an infinite number of different reasons.  That range from stress to pleasure.

Emotional cause of overeating

Our moods can definitely contribute to our risk of overeating. Research studies in this area several times show that negative moods result in a greater risk of overeating.

With fresh, whole, natural foods and delicious recipes that are simple to prepare. You’re likely to lower your risk of a negative mood triggered by diet alone.

External cause of overeating

In a nutshell, external overeating means. Overeating is a result of too much emphasis on food stimuli that are all around you. So, we live in a culture that surrounds itself with food, not only in gas station food marts.

Restriction Triggered

The best researched pattern when it comes to overeating may be the pattern that’s referred to as restriction triggered overeating.

And then, The more unreasonably we restrict ourselves, the greater our risk of overeating. In some cases, researchers have speculated that a specific region of our brain, is called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC). It may be involved in this pattern of restriction triggered overeating.


cause of overeating Due to Misjudgment

Overeating doesn’t mean huge portion sizes that look so large on your plate. It doesn’t also mean second or third helpings either. When it comes to weight management. Most people have a difficult time estimating the amount of food they are eating.


The Subtle Nature cause of overeating

Most individuals don’t overeat by consuming vast amounts of food that look ridiculous to the naked eye. They overeat by making fairly small errors in judgment about portion size. A 20-calorie mistake each day can result in a weight gain of about one pound every six months.


It Is Partly Natural

Eating too much tasty food isn’t only common but also natural. It’s natural to want more when food is delicious. If you judge very strict by the response of your taste buds, you’ve got a good chance of overeating.


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